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Rolen Romanes
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
My name is Rolen Romanes, I'm a Los Angeles-based illustrator.
I'm also a musician and composer who plays the piano and the keyboard. I am Christian, Libertarian, Part-time Background Actor, A father of two beautiful dogs (Yes, they are my children), A big Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura Supporter. I am originally from the Philippines and have been living in the united states for about 14 years now. I love this country but I despise the corrupt government.

I love drawing gothic, fantasy and spiritual illustrations. I also love drawing my muses and female friends as Angels and Goddesses. I have made tons of artworks but I am not going to upload all of them online because I am saving them for my art books.

I am currently not selling any prints of my work and not available for commissions.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you'll enjoy my art.


My Youtube Channel:…

Current Residence: Los Angeles CA
Favourite genre of music: Melodramatic Instrumental Music
Favourite style of art: Gothic, Fantasy
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: Insignia
Favourite cartoon character: Totoro
Personal Quote: "Love is the greatest inspiration."
The Following is an Edited Wall Post from my page at FA-CIA-Book on December 16, 2013.

Welcome to the corrupted states of America. One Nation, Under Surveillance, With Tyranny and Injustice for All. Land of the enslaved and home of the cowardly, conditioned and brainwashed sheeples who prefer living in the matrix of lies and illusions.

The land where patriotic and brave citizens who expose corruption, who fight for justice, freedom, liberty, privacy and constitutional rights are listed as terrorists by the f-cked up government. Yes, that's right. Terrorists.

They want you to be very very obedient like sheep to slaughter. Supporting them does not exempt you from their tyranny. They don't give a sh-t about you. This is not about red vs blue, black vs white... This is about We vs Them. "Them" as in those who are in power who continues to manipulate, torture and enslave us! They continue to rape us by taking our rights away and son of a b-tch, it's sad that a lot of you are still unaware or don't give a sh-t at all.

Wake up people. Ignorance is never a bliss. What you don't know will be used against you. What you don't know will be used to f-cking manipulate you and kill you. Wake the f-ck up. Do you think that the government really gives a sh-t about you? Do you think that they have never lied?

Do you really think that this Marxist/socialist/communist, CIA asset Barry (Soetoro) Davis aka Barack Obama, son of communist Frank Marshall Davis, really "cares" for you?
Do you really think and wholeheartedly believe that this murdering, psychopathic disgraceful pathological lying piece of sh-t's goal is to help the American people?? 

Wake up people. WAKE THE F-CK UP.

And remember, knowledge is power. When you educate a man with real knowledge, you liberate a man. That's why those f-ckers keep on dumbing down America by giving you false information through your propaganda boxes. (Television)

I care for the people. I care for my loved ones. I care for this country.
It pains me to see that a Lot of you, have awfully lost your ability of critical thinking. How the f-ck do a lot of you still have the passion supporting and chanting the name of this tyrannical and lying President? 

If the only way, to open up your eyes, is to offend you, so be it...
Stop being ignorant and pay attention to what is really going on with the government. Every bill that they pass, is another right that they are taking away from us. You have no more privacy! Your phones are all being tapped. Your emails are all being read/scanned, they flouridated our water, they put GMO in our food, They are poisoning our skies with chemtrails, they inject you with poisonous vaccines, they fooled and sent your sons and daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers to war and to other countries because of special interests and not because to promote democracy and fight terrorism. Our government sadly is the terrorist! Because of it, we, the American people, became the bad guys in the eyes of other countries! America is represented by the good american people, not the f-cked up tyrannical government!

Wake the f-ck up. The truth must be said. And now we have this obamacare... It's another form of slavery people. Health is the important thing in our lives, that is why they keep on pushing this obamacare sh-t so that they can control you. They want us to be broke. They want to F-cking control you!!! It's a scam! A fraud! Another way to enslave you and manipulate you! America is broke and you people who support this obamacare sh-t... Are you all really okay with it? What the f-cking hell is wrong with you? 

The government needs to be exposed because it can't be trusted to expose itself! 

  • Listening to: Rage Against The Machine

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MoonlitLady Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you kindly for the favorite. Cheers!
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Hello! Thank you very much for adding me to your devwatch! :hug:
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You are very welcome. I love your photographs. I honestly thought they were highly realistic paintings at first when I saw them. They're all beautiful:) thank you for following me by the way, I really appreciate it:)
Gypsy-Rae Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just got back from vacation and I just wanted to pop by and thank you for the favs and the watch Rolen, I much appreciate that!  Especially coming from such a talented artist as yourself!  I feel like such a novice compared to your gallery. :yell: by Scorpion81   Color me honored.
rolenromanes Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Sorry for the late reply! I've been busy these days. I hope you had a nice vacation:) I actually really enjoyed viewing your stuff, and I appreciate traditional black and white ink illustrations a lot. I'm a Castlevania fan and even though I've only played the demo versions of The lord of shadows series, I have seen the entire movie cutscenes of series and I have to say that I loved them. Your illustrations are very well drawn and detailed. Keep up the awesome work bro :) and nonsense, you're not a novice ;) you're vampire-killer level ;D
Gypsy-Rae Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It was a glorious vacation, thanks so much for saying and high five fellow Castlevania and B&W illustrations fan! :la:  LoS was an epic good game series and a good reboot to an already awesome series (in my opinion at least) so if ever you find some free time I recommend getting your hands on it to give it a play.  I'm in dire need of giving it a replay myself for the story/visuals. =3

Har har har, oh stop it you! *punches you in the arm* You're gonna make me blush saying such nice things about my sometimes horribly questionable stuff. :iconhawrhawrplz:  Super glad you enjoyed some of my stuff though, that totally makes me happy. :3
Szigeti Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Great gallery.
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