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The Fools III
Title: "The Fools III"
Artist: Rolen Romanes
Series: Angelus Et Diabolus
Copyright 2017

14' x 17" Smooth Bristol Paper, Micron Pens, Pencil, 50+ Hours

My artwork, "The Fools III" is inspired by the horrible, stressful and heartbreaking experiences that I had with these women whom I encountered in life and the problems that I am facing. At first glance, people will say or get the impression that this artwork is demonic or perhaps satanic but I have always been deep, cryptic and I put a lot of metaphorical symbols when I make emotional art. A few of those who are close to me, like my close friends who have learned about my recent bad experiences and problems will figure out or recognize the women who I drawn or portrayed in this artwork as tortured and weeping vile creatures. I did not draw these women's real faces or even try to get their likenesses. I envisioned them as disgusting, shameful, rotten and yet pitiful souls.

In this artwork, you'll also see a lot of faces crying in agony and sadness, they symbolize my depression.
And angry faces and mouths with gnawing teeth that symbolize my hatred and anger.

Ever since when I started drawing dark, apocalyptic and emotional art, I always put a lot of hidden messages in them and also symbolisms which I believe some people will somehow understand (or maybe will have a hard time understanding) what they mean.

I do this in order to make my art cryptic, interesting and mysterious. This artwork is completely finished and it's loaded with symbolisms, codes and hidden messages that would surely shock people if they figure out what they mean.

My drawings are like my diary. They will always remind me of certain and particular moments in my life that inspired them.

In this artwork, you'll see a vile and fraudulent creature that represents the woman who said a lot of "bullshit" about me. I will not and will never ever generalize women, because there will always be good and bad women out there. I have encountered horrible women in my life who would lie and show fake tears in order for them to get away from trouble. Women who would say a lot of "bullshit" and use their fake emotions, cry "crocodile tears" and will do anything to prove that they are saintly innocent and shamelessly blame someone for their stupid decisions and actions. Who would project that they are weak so that people will take their side and
show sympathy towards them.

I wholeheartedly despise these wicked, manipulative, shameless, conceited, in-denial, abusive, fraudulent, ungrateful, self-righteous and lying women.

These kinds of women are fools.

But the biggest fool of all, is the angel in the picture. Which symbolize yours truly. I was a fool for I once loved them and admired them. I only hurt myself for doing so.
I was a fool for I were once blinded by their beauty. True Love is truly hard to find and its sad that there are those people who will only use you to get what they want. Who would tell you that they love you but they don't really mean it. Who would be in a relationship but never believed in love. Who would "love" you only when you have money. I've learned a lot from my horrible experiences and I will always believe that everything happens for a reason.

I do not promote satanism in my art. I do expose satanic things and people in my other art series (the apocalyptic and biblical series, Angelus Et Diabolus II).

In this artwork, you'll see a goat skull.
I am sure many of you have heard of the term "scapegoat". That's what that skull symbolically means. I purposely drew a note on top of the skull that says "Scapegoat" to avoid confusions. I was not going to draw the note but I thought without it, I am sure that it will make people who are aware of occult and satanic symbolism take this image the wrong way.

This is the third part of my "The Fools" art series. Hopefully this will also be the last one...
I hope this artwork will inspire my peers and others to overcome their problems by expressing them through art. I have to admit, I had a hard and painful time drawing this illustration. Before posting this online, I showed it to one of my best friends and muses and she said she had a hard time looking at it because she could feel the pain in my heart.

Please support my art by watching me here in Deviantart and by following and subscribing to my twitter and youtube channel.

Visions III
Title: "Visions III"
Art by Rolen Romanes
Series: Angelus Et Diabolus II
Copyright 2014

14'x17" Smooth Bristol Paper, Micron Pens, Pencil, 40 Plus Hours

This is an artwork inspired by my apocalyptic and revelatory dreams/visions. I have seen a lot of disturbing and scary things that did not make sense to me at first in my dreams, but later on I found out what they mean and I realized that they were visions. I was not going to upload this artwork online but since I have been applying for art jobs and positions, I thought I should upload this because it is one of my best and powerful pieces.

I would like to thank the Heavenly Father for the talents that he blessed me with and for the visions that he allowed me to see in my deepest sleep.

Thank you for viewing and feel free to watch me on deviantart because I will be uploading more artworks soon.


Please support my art bywatching me here in Deviantart and by following me in twitter and subscribing to my youtube channel. Thanks!

Angel Kelsi
"Angel Kelsi"
Art by Rolen Romanes
Copyright 2015
Dedicated To Ms. Kelsi Nichols

8'x10" Regular White Paper, Micron Pens, Black Gel Ink Pen, Bold Black Marker


rolenromanes's Profile Picture
Rolen Romanes
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
My name is Rolen Romanes. I'm a traditional illustrator who specializes in pen and ink drawings. It's hard for me categorize my art style because my themes range from biblical, spiritual, supernatural, gothic, apocalyptic, cartoony, erotic and even romantic themes. I personally find it not satisfying and not fulfilling to only work on one particular theme or topic. I believe that the best way to express myself, emotions and thoughts is through art.

When it comes to my art style, I am a very detail-oriented artist. I have different art styles that I use for different themes but they're all distinctive. I am very passionate and very dedicated when it comes to making art, most especially drawing Angels.

Sakura Micron Pens, Black Gel Pens, Ink Pens and Sharpie Fine pointed and bold Markers are my favorite tools. I also love color pencils but I very rarely use them.

I'm a self-taught artist. And I always remain to stay this way. I don't have any degrees, diplomas or certificates in art. I refused to go to an art school because I believe in myself that I am able to grow as an artist by teaching myself. I will always believe that art is a journey with no final destination because as an artist, there is always a room for improvement, and I always try to do my best to get better. I don't compete with other artists, I only compete with myself.

I improve from learning from my mistakes and by continuing to practice my craft. I will always believe that my experiences in life, including my success and my failures are my instructors and teachers in art. In a lot of my personal illustrations, they reflect my life, my dreams, goals and fears.

When it comes to spirituality or religion, I am a follower of Yah. I am forever thankful and grateful for the talents which the Heavenly Father Yahuwah blessed me with.

Besides making art, I also compose songs and play the piano (However, I am only good at playing my original compositions though). I also write poetry. But I very often write poems these days.

I am also an actor. From time to time, I work as an extra or background actor on films and tv series.

When it comes to my Political views, I consider myself as a Libertarian. I am a big supporter of Ron Paul. He, along with President John F Kennedy and Governor Jesse Ventura are my political heroes. I support and believe in the constitution. I am and always will be anti-war. I actually also admire President Vladimir Putin. I just hate it when the western media continues to demonize him.

I don't have a huge following or supporters, but I am happy to say that I am always thankful to all of those who appreciate my art. I am no longer on Instagram (I was only there for a few months) and I abandoned my Facebook page for 6 years or so. And I'm sorry to my friends and those who appreciate my art but you won't see me or my work on those sites anymore. So for those who are interested in my work, DA is the only place to see them.

I do, from time to time, post some work in progress photos/videos of my art on Twitter.

For those who are interested, feel free to follow me at

I am also on YouTube.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my art.

Rolen Romanes
August 9, 2017
The Following is an Edited Wall Post from my page at FA-CIA-Book on December 16, 2013.

Welcome to the corrupted states of America. One Nation, Under Surveillance, With Tyranny and Injustice for All. Land of the enslaved and home of the cowardly, conditioned and brainwashed sheeples who prefer living in the matrix of lies and illusions.

The land where patriotic and brave citizens who expose corruption, who fight for justice, freedom, liberty, privacy and constitutional rights are listed as terrorists by the f-cked up government. Yes, that's right. Terrorists.

They want you to be very very obedient like sheep to slaughter. Supporting them does not exempt you from their tyranny. They don't give a sh-t about you. This is not about red vs blue, black vs white... This is about We vs Them. "Them" as in those who are in power who continues to manipulate, torture and enslave us! They continue to rape us by taking our rights away and son of a b-tch, it's sad that a lot of you are still unaware or don't give a sh-t at all.

Wake up people. Ignorance is never a bliss. What you don't know will be used against you. What you don't know will be used to f-cking manipulate you and kill you. Wake the f-ck up. Do you think that the government really gives a sh-t about you? Do you think that they have never lied?

Do you really think that this Marxist/socialist/communist, CIA asset Barry (Soetoro) Davis aka Barack Obama, son of communist Frank Marshall Davis, really "cares" for you?
Do you really think and wholeheartedly believe that this murdering, psychopathic disgraceful pathological lying piece of sh-t's goal is to help the American people?? 

Wake up people. WAKE THE F-CK UP.

And remember, knowledge is power. When you educate a man with real knowledge, you liberate a man. That's why those f-ckers keep on dumbing down America by giving you false information through your propaganda boxes. (Television)

I care for the people. I care for my loved ones. I care for this country.
It pains me to see that a Lot of you, have awfully lost your ability of critical thinking. How the f-ck do a lot of you still have the passion supporting and chanting the name of this tyrannical and lying President? 

If the only way, to open up your eyes, is to offend you, so be it...
Stop being ignorant and pay attention to what is really going on with the government. Every bill that they pass, is another right that they are taking away from us. You have no more privacy! Your phones are all being tapped. Your emails are all being read/scanned, they flouridated our water, they put GMO in our food, They are poisoning our skies with chemtrails, they inject you with poisonous vaccines, they fooled and sent your sons and daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers to war and to other countries because of special interests and not because to promote democracy and fight terrorism. Our government sadly is the terrorist! Because of it, we, the American people, became the bad guys in the eyes of other countries! America is represented by the good american people, not the f-cked up tyrannical government!

Wake the f-ck up. The truth must be said. And now we have this obamacare... It's another form of slavery people. Health is the important thing in our lives, that is why they keep on pushing this obamacare sh-t so that they can control you. They want us to be broke. They want to F-cking control you!!! It's a scam! A fraud! Another way to enslave you and manipulate you! America is broke and you people who support this obamacare sh-t... Are you all really okay with it? What the f-cking hell is wrong with you? 

The government needs to be exposed because it can't be trusted to expose itself! 

  • Listening to: Rage Against The Machine


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